Cops Joined The Party For Which They Were Called To Stop.

When the neighbors call the cops on you for all the noise coming from your house, it’s probably not gonna be a very good visit by the men and women in blue. But something a little different happened in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Neighbors there called the cops when a ruckus was heard from one of the homes in the neighborhood. Turns out, Jovante Williams was at a friend’s apartment playing the video game Super Smash Brothers, and they were getting a little loud, as we ALL do when we play video games. (and, yes, I play them too…)

So when the officers showed up at the apartment, they asked what they were doing. When they were told it was a video game, the officers actually wanted to join in and play WITH them.

Says Jovante: “I’m like, ‘Y’all wanna play Smash?!’ And two of them literally raised their hand and walked up. They’re like, ‘How do you jump?’ They were acting; one of them was playing Pikachu!”

Jovante then made sure pictures and videos were taken of the officers playing and made sure to post them on Facebook.

Posted by Jovante M. Williams on Friday, 7 December 2018

Adds Jovante about the officers’ arrival: “It was concerning. You see so many videos of terrible results… I’m not trying to end up in jail or hurt, or have my friends harmed, or to start a commotion. But you know what? I heard the police asking ‘What’s Smash Brothers?’ Instead of something negative… it was something wholesome.”

OK… Now I wanna play Smash Brothers. Who’s with me? 

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