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Cops Place ‘Bag’ On Head Of Combative Shoplifter, Now His Mother Is Suing.

Kids are indoctrinated to fear and despise those who wear the badge, while the media make war on law enforcement. Systematic racism seems to be a part of every arrest of a minority, which makes black people want to run away from the police and even put their lives in danger to reject their authority. The Sacramento Police Department was in this situation.

This troubling trend has cops and minorities on edge, each worried that they may be the topic of the next media story. Yet, there are people who deliberately promote the conduct that is leading to this strife, and they profit handsomely from it.

A Sacramento police officer was monitoring Del Paso Boulevard and El Camino Avenue when he saw a private security guard pursue a young guy. The accused was being chased by police officers who were trying to help the officer. The 12-year-old child was finally caught and charged with theft, according to the Sacramento Bee. Eventually, police discovered that the youngster was “notorious” in the neighborhood for stealing.

The child yelled obscenities and assaulted the policemen, leading three of them to detain him. But, when he started spitting in the face of a female cop, they were forced to employ the “spit mask,” which is a lightweight, mesh bag meant to protect officers from illness. “Let me go, I didn’t do nothing to you,” yells the child before naming her a “racist a- b—-.”

Despite the fact that body camera evidence shows officers trying their utmost to detain and calm the aggressive youngster, they discovered themselves in hot water when his enraged mom arrived. Enraged that her kid was being detained, the mom, who wishes to remain anonymous, wanted to know why her son was wearing a “bag” over his head. Regardless of the justifiable cause for the mask, the mom refused to accept that her kid was accountable for putting himself in a dangerous position.

Despite charges of resisting arrest and violence against a cop, the mom is suing the department for placing the “spit mask” on her son, who was fighting and spitting on authorities. The mom maintains that her son committed no crime and should not have been detained, and that he only responded violently because he was “frightened.” She is now arguing that she is entitled to a payment and an apology.

Mark Harris, a lawyer who is known for suing police officers, has been hired by the child’s family. Harris became well-known after he sued the Sacramento Police Department for $20 million over the death of Stephon Clark, who was 22 years old.

The Sacramento Police Department, on the other hand, has analyzed the film and confirmed that the cops engaged in the event obeyed regulations and used additional caution while engaging with the youngster.

The event is currently being investigated by the department. They have acknowledged, though, that they feel the cops did all they could to manage such a difficult circumstance.

The case calls attention to the implications of parents who fail to properly discipline their kids, instead relying on the cops to do it. Of course, they then decide to protest and seek a large payment, putting law enforcement in an awkward spot. Perhaps, this youngster will not be disciplined by a jail inmate next.

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