Cops Were Called On This Rude Woman When She Assumed The Customer As An Employee.

Source: Reddit

Okay, so this only just happened a few hours ago and I still have a bit of an adrenaline rush so bear with me.

As everyone is bound to know, shopping lately has been a little hectic. The mass crowding has gotten better now that there are limitations on how many people can enter a shop at one point, but everyone is still pretty stressed out and all dolled up in their lovely fashionable face masks.

All that being said, there is no excuse for what this woman did.

I live in England, and over here we have a certain big supermarket store with a burgundy/orange themed uniform. So after finally getting through the queue into the store, I grabbed a cart and I was off. I was there for maybe twenty minutes when I rounded the condiments aisle and caught what happened.

First, there was a woman, younger-looking, maybe a teenager, who was wearing an orange jacket, but it looked like one of those bright neon tracksuit ones, not the uniform, crouching down on her knees looking through whatever was on the lowest level (I do that sometimes, the cheaper stuff tends to be from food companies who can’t afford the premium shelf space) and she was wearing AirPods.

Next, there was an older woman. Not a Karen in the typical haircut, overweight over-dressed sense, but she did have that face. That, ‘I’m too important to be kept waiting, serve me now, peasant’ face, and no mask, standing behind this clearly oblivious girl. She had to have been trying to get her attention before I even walked into the aisle, and for some reason, the moment I appeared, she snapped.

I’ll never know what possessed her, but this older lady actually reached down and grabbed the younger by her underarm, yanking her up to face her. The girl reacted as I believe many people would; without even asking questions, she yelped, spun off-balanced, and clocked Karen right in the face. It was glorious.

The woman’s nose started bleeding, and the young lady was just standing there in shock. Someone loudly announced they were going to go get an employee, while I put myself between the Karen and the young girl, fearing the older woman may try to retaliate. The girl looked dumb with shock, meanwhile, Karen started screaming. I didn’t really catch what she was saying in the haze of it all, but I know a bloke behind me was shouting back at her, telling her she shouldn’t have grabbed the girl and that it was her own fault. More screaming, then the employees showed up.

From there, it was just a matter of getting everyone’s stories. Pretty much everyone who stuck around saw Karen grab the girl first, so Karen had no leg to stand on, though it didn’t stop her from demanding the police be called and that she was going to press charges. The police had already been called by a manager, and us witnesses were asked to stay and wait for them. Some couldn’t, as they were with their families and such, but I, having nothing better to do, stuck around. At this point, the girl had calmed down, and was just kind of standing there silently while the woman continues to scream about ‘pressing charges’, and ‘suing’ and ‘fired’, while the manager just kept on repeating things like, “She doesn’t work here mam, please calm down mam.”

The police questioning was actually pretty fast, if boring. Not at all as interesting as it is in the movies. I didn’t get to see a grand parade of Karen being dragged away in cuffs, sadly. Once all the statements had been taken, both women were escorted outside by police, and that was pretty much the end of it for me. I did still see them in the parking lot speaking to different officers, but couldn’t get close enough to hear anything that went down. I made sure the police and the store had my number, just in case, finished my shopping, and then went home. Its been a few hours, it was surreal, and I’m actually kind of hoping it ends up on youtube in the next few days.

So there’s my story. Hope it entertained.