Couple Can’t Pay Restaurant Bill, Waitress Falls To Her Knees Upon Realizing Their Plan.

Let’s face it. Waitresses don’t make an awful lot. Even if you’re a Super Waitress, sometimes those tips just don’t go very far. Chelsea is a waitress at Spring St. Smokehouse and has raised her younger sister since she was a little girl. She has battled an eating disorder and runs a non-profit group that helps others with eating disorders through yoga.


She has a lot on her plate, but financially, it’s rough. But there is always a glow about her, a happiness that customers love to see. She doesn’t show the hard times she goes through. And Chelsea was even very understanding when a young couple told her they only had enough to pay for their meals and could not give her a tip. She showed them complete compassion.

Earlier in the day, the chipper Chelsea was left a big tip by someone, and she was so happy that she split it with her fellow workers. All day long, as a matter of fact, she had big tippers. Thing is, those big tippers didn’t just happen to pop into Chelsea’s restaurant.


They were part of the show “Prank It Forward,” and the producers wanted to give her a nice surprise. So, along with all those big tips, that couple who could not afford to give her one offered her something else instead … two tickets to Hawaii. Chelsea was thrilled. And she is definitely one of those waitresses who deserved it.

Watch the video below to see Chelsea have the best shift ever!

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