Couple leave their baby at Israeli airport check-in.

Two Belgian parents were held by cops after leaving their child at the check-in counter at Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion Airport.

The couple sought to board a Ryanair aircraft from Tel Aviv to Brussels, yet they were unable to do so because they did not have a ticket for their child.

They declined to pay for one and appeared to have strolled to passport control with their child in the stroller.

Airport personnel were aware of what had occurred and informed cops, who located and questioned the parents.

They’ve never seen anything like this, claimed the manager of the Ryanair desk. They couldn’t believe what they witnessed.

Based on the Israel Airports Authority, the pair arrived at Terminal 1 late, after the check-in office had closed.

They intended to get through security, so they just left their child on the conveyor belt.

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