Couple Welcomes Triplets After Losing 2 Babies in First Triplets Pregnancy: A ‘Second Chance’

An Iowa couple who experienced miscarriage tragedy has positive news to share.

Kellee and Nick Briggs learned they were having triplets during an ultrasound in 2020, but two of the kids did not live.

Kellee explained that she is so glad that she has this one kid, but she lost two. She kept picturing these three small kids. She continued whether they would be girls or boys. She simply didn’t know. It was devastating to think of what could have been while simultaneously being content with what is.

Chase, the couple’s newborn son, was born months after the awful news.

1 in 64 million chance: Iowa family welcomes triplets after tragedy

Kellee and Nick Briggs got the surprise of a lifetime when they found they were pregnant with triplets in 2020. However, in that same ultrasound appointment, they found out two of the three babies weren't going to make it.

Posted by WDSU News on Thursday, May 26, 2022

In an unusual turn of events, the family discovered they were expecting triplets again last year.

In September, Kellee said on Instagram, her family of three has multiplied.

The probability of receiving triplets twice through natural means are one in 64 million.

According to her Instagram, Kellee and Nick greeted three new additions to their family in March.

“We’re madly in love! 3 times!!! “She put this in the caption of a photo of the three babies: two boys, Aiden and Isaac, and their sister, Adeline.

Kellee expressed that having triplets again felt like a “second chance.”

She felt stolen from the process the first time when she lost the first two with Chase. 

She continued, then it was just like God meant for this to occur to them, and they received it again, and it worked out wonderfully this time.

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