Couple Were Completely Heartbroken When The Doctor Informs Them About Their Daughter’s Illness.

Source: Reddit

She was 7 years old, out of nowhere, health issues she started developing some strange bruising. We took her to a doctor who took a blood test but everything came normal, the next day after the blood test – she was admitted for a second test to be certain. She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

We were deeply rattled and terrified. We had no real idea about leukemia, other than that it was often fatal and one of the most serious things a person could have.

She started intensive chemotherapy 2 days after her diagnosis. We learned from the doctors and began educating ourselves. We were at her side constantly. We came to understand that treatment of ALL had come a long way, and even with her very rare form of it, that her long-range survival odds were 90%.

We gradually began to allow ourselves to take comfort that she would probably be OK. We knew that she would be in for a long haul, and have her life on hold, but that we would do anything and everything for her to help her get through it.

We used to talk to her, she used to say “Daddy I’m fine, nothing will happen to me, and I love you”

Couple of weeks into her first round of treatment she had a lot of pain in her body, she could barely stand. She was put on Life Support. 2 days passed, we did not know what would happen, on the third day we knew she would never return. She had experienced brain death.

She had a permanent smile on her face.

I just wanted a place to vent, and share my loss, She was a incredible girl. Only 7, I would have given up my life for her. She was only seven man, only seven.

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