Couple With Twins Gets Pregnant Again, But Doctor Shows Sonogram And Husband Instantly Faints.

When Nia walked down the aisle 3 years ago to marry Robert, she was pregnant with twins. They would make a wonderful addition to the family with the 3-year-old son they already had. But last year, Nia discovered she was pregnant again. The nurse who told her asked her if multiples were common in her family, so Nia immediately thought she was carrying more twins.

But that was not the case. Nia was carrying three babies inside of her. Triplets! She never expected that. And even for families that do produce multiples during pregnancies, triplets are pretty rare. It was going to be challenging, she thought, but she was grateful to be carrying all the new little ones just as well.

Facebook/Nia Tolbert

They had already had three boys now, and were wondering if any among those triplets were girls. Turns out, they were ALL girls. Says dad Robert: “The house is officially balanced now, because the three boys they flock to their mother. They want to defend her. They don’t give her a second to breathe or do anything on her own. Now I have my own little posse. They will follow me, and protect me, and take care of me.”

Watch the video below to see the amazing gender reveal celebration for yourself. 

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