Couples Love For Each Other Even After 50 Yrs Of Marriage Will Blow You Away.

Story by Marla Michele Must

“Love is not a matter of counting the years, but making the years count.”

-Michelle Amand

I’ve lived across the street from this endearing couple for 10 years. I often catch glimpses of them out my kitchen window as they take walks arm in arm almost daily, caring for each other in the most loving way. Although his health has deteriorated somewhat and their walks have slowed down, nevertheless, they continue walking.

One day we stopped to chat, and I asked them how long they’ve been married. They said were approaching their 50th wedding anniversary. I asked if I could photograph them to celebrate this amazing milestone. During our portrait session they shared some of their love story with me.

It began as a campus romance. They were Introduced in 1969 by a colleague at Oakland University in the student center. She was wearing a short two piece white outfit that he remembers fondly. They were both members of the faculty in the English department. It appears English is truly a romance language.

Tonight I witnessed chivalry in its finest form as he walked around to open her car door and made sure she was situated safely in the passenger seat. She said he would be wearing his blue suit for our portrait session and that he was very handsome, and surely she is the luckiest woman in the world. She agreed to wear her wedding dress and veil from their July 10th, 1971 wedding.

Jane and Bob ~ the first 50 years 🤍

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