Courtney Tailor Confronted At Miami Hotel, Attorney Claims Self-Defense.

Courtney Tailor, the model who was soaked in blood after her boyfriend was brutally murdered, got a reality check on how the public perceives her… and it’s not good. A video has emerged showing someone photographing a blonde lady in the lobby area of Miami’s Grand Beach Hotel on Friday night, with the camera person insisting she wouldn’t quit recording and claiming that this woman (who she suspects is Tailor) has no place being there… particularly after her boyfriend, Christian Tobechukwu Obumseli, was murdered just a few days earlier.

The individual filming also expresses their perspective on the situation, specifically, that she feels Tailor was the one who stabbed… At this stage in the inquiry, CT has not been charged by cops or law enforcement agents.

Their Instagram caption is equally telling… “Does this appear like a mentally disturbed individual to you, @mpdpolice?”

Tailor was placed in a psychiatric detention after threatening suicide when she was brought in for interrogation, she says. Obviously, she’s been set free from the hold that was placed on her about a week ago… and she’s out and about, not in detention. Obumseli was assassinated only a few days ago.

Frank Prieto, Courtney’s lawyer, confirmed that she is his client. However he justifies her presence, claiming that this is merely an example of individuals jumping to conclusions without fully understanding the circumstances.

In part, he explains that Courtney was there that night with her dad, who just wanted to come in and have a drink in peace — which was interrupted by this woman who began recording.

Prieto also states, “it is sad that a member of the public, who knows nothing about the events or conditions surrounding Mr. Obumseli’s death, would use the opportunity to bother the Clenney family at a time when they are attempting to be supportive of Courtney.”

He also makes a shocking claim, claiming that Courtney was the subject of “physical, emotional, and mental abuse at the hands of Mr. Obumseli,” and that she may have been a “victim of human trafficking,” without going into any detail.

Prieto also expresses his belief that his client was battling for her life during the domestic disturbance that prompted officers to respond that fateful day. “At the time of the occurrence, Mr. Obumseli was performing a forceful criminal,” he argues. He had obtained unauthorised entrance to Courtney’s residence on multiple occasions in the days preceding this event. Courtney acted in self-defense,”

he says, adding that “the investigation by both the City of Miami Police Department and the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office will conclude as such.” That being stated, we would appreciate the public’s understanding in respecting the family’s privacy as of now.”

Christian’s family’s attorney, Lee Merritt, did not comment on Prieto’s charges of DV and self-defense. Obviously, the Miami Police Department has yet to arrest Courtney on any charges, and it’s unknown where they stand in the matter… and what could come of it in the end, if anything.

Watch the video and let us know what are your thoughts about this incident in the comment section.

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