Coworker Bombards Guy With Text Messages Calling Him A “Childless Man Child” After He Refused To Cover Her Shift That Fell On Her Son’s 1st Birthday.

We all have responsibilities at work and even at home. Most of the time, problems are as complex as people themselves. However, it is not always a straightforward affair. For example in this story, two store workers and a boss are at odds over a last-minute scheduling issue. But what makes this story interesting is the sense of entitlement that some of the people in this circumstance feel. And no matter how many times it occurs, we can’t help but be astounded that it exists. Read the story and let us know with whom you agree.

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So I work retail, this morning I got a text while I was asleep (I didn’t hear my phone go off). So it was a good 2 hours before I even saw the text.

My manager said they needed me to come in because Brenda(my coworker) couldn’t come in.

Her shift started at 2pm, the text was sent at 10am, it was now noon.

I had plans for later that night so I texted him I couldn’t come in.

He told me “well if you don’t come in, Brenda will have to come in”

I told him “I guess she’ll have to come in”

He then replied “ok, well I guess she’s just going to have to miss her son’s first birthday then”

I told him “I’m sorry but I have plans”

He then went off on me about how I was horrible and heartless

I just responded “why didn’t she request the day off in advance? Did she forget when her child was born?”

The manager said that they would talk to me the next time I came in.

Did I go too far here? 

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