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Criminal Yells At Judge In Courtroom Not Knowing He’s About To Get Taught A Very Heavy Lesson.

Not everyone is aware of how sentencing is determined during court proceedings. Yet, most of us understand that it is improper to insult a judge, especially if he is the one hearing your case.

Manson Bryant is well-versed in the Lake County Court of Common Pleas. He has a lengthy criminal record, including his first arrest as a child in 1999.

Manson, who has been imprisoned at least four times, is also acquainted with Judge Eugene Lucci.

Eight of his cases have been allocated to this judge in the previous several years, and his most recent one was also in Judge Eugene’s hands.

Manson was found guilty on many counts. Aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary, kidnapping, and abduction were among the charges. Prior to receiving his sentence, he conveyed his gratitude to the judge.

Sadly, his admiration did not endure long.

Manson went insane after learning that he had been sentenced to 22 years in jail. He began hurling profanities at the judge, and everything was captured on the courtroom cameras.

Judge Eugene first believed Manson was demonstrating remorse.

He was about to condemn him to 30 years in jail when the thought struck him. However, Manson’s reply caused him to reconsider.

According to Judge Eugene, he was wrong to assume he had a certain level of regret. Even after hearing this, Manson continued to curse and shout.

Due to his actions, deputies were forced to remove him from the courtroom.

The judge elaborated that because the defendant has demonstrated that he has no remorse whatsoever, the court considers that maximum sentence is required. He has the highest chance of recidivism. The judge evidently assumed he was more sorry than he was. He was basically spewing nonsense at him.

It wasn’t the first time Judge Eugene had witnessed Manson’s hostile conduct.

He also did the same thing to the judge when he sentenced him to 12 months in jail for receiving stolen items after pleading guilty.

At the time of his arrest, Manson was on parole.

And, as a result of his violation, he will have to serve the remainder of his previous jail sentence. Then his 28-year sentence will begin.

People online had varying views to Manson’s conduct applauding the judge for his decision.

In the video below, you can see how the court dealt with Manson.

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