Crowd Goes Crazy When Autistic Boy Did This At The Court.

Jason McELwain was in his senior year and served as the equipment manager of his school’s basketball team. He loved the sport and he loved his team, and he would have given anything to play for them, but he couldn’t. Jason was diagnosed with autism when he was two years old, and although he grew into what is called functioning autism, he just wasn’t viewed as someone who could contribute to the team.

One night before a game, the coach had him suit up, letting him know that this was his senior year and he was finally going to be able to do something he had been wanting to do for a long, long time.

After the coach put him in, Jason received his first pass from a teammate and shot the ball from 20 feet. It missed wildly. His coach put down his head but left him in the game. A few minutes later, Jason took his next shot from the 3-point line and, amazingly, it went in.

The shocked crowd screamed in excitement for the young man. But Jason wasn’t done. Through the game, he took 5 more shots from the 3-point arc and made every single one of them, setting a new school record of 6 3-pointers by one player in a single game.

Which just goes to show the amazing things a person can do if only given the chance. 

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