Crying Boy Gets On Bus. Driver Discovers Reason And Takes Immediate Action.

John Lunceford was driving his school bus route on a bitter cold winter day. When one little boy got on, he was shivering uncontrollably and crying. He was not wearing any hat or gloves. So John removed his own gloves and handed them to the little boy, wiping away his tears. He told the boy that it will be OK.

Then John had an idea. He went to the dollars store and bought 10 hats and 10 pairs of gloves. He was going to make sure that all the little boys and girls on his route were well covered during the brutal winter. John went back to the school, tracked down the little boy in the library and gave him a hat and pair of gloves. Another little girl said she did not have a hat or gloves either, so he gave some to her as well. He’s a grandfather, and he said he certainly would hope someone would do that for his own grandchildren.

Facebook/Kennewick School District

Maybe it was a small gesture that many others would not think too much about. But for the several who were helped stay warm by John that winter, it meant an awful lot.

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