Customer Calls This Restaurant In Front Of Staff When They Said The Discount Applies Only To Phone Orders.

Ordering pizza is fun, but ordering pizza with a 10% discount is much more enjoyable. However, it turns out that you must have a phone to do so. Read the story to know what happened during this pizza order and what would you do in such a situation.

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I only live 5 mins walk away from a local pizza place so I went in and ordered direct to take away. I didn’t call ahead as I didn’t see much point as I lived so close and I didn’t mind the extra couple of minutes.

While there I saw they were doing a special offer. 10% discount if you mentioned their promotion over the phone and then went in to collect take away.

“I know I haven’t called in first, but now I know you do a discount if you do, and to save us both the hassle of me calling you right now and for the fact I know the promotion exists, can I still get the 10% off anyway?”

“No. It’s for telephone orders only”

“Sure, I get that, but I could literally just call you right now from my mobile and you’d give me the discount but that’ll be a bit weird to make me do that, so can I just get it anyway?”

“No. It’s for telephone orders only”

This jobsworth attitude pissed me off, so I was literally about to just forget about buying anything from there and go somewhere else, but as I got outside I figured that no, I’d just stand outside and call the number on their door and order a pizza that way to get my discount.

The phone rang and the same guy picked it up:

“Can I order a pizza to collect with 10% discount please”

He recognises my voice obviously as it’s just been 15 seconds since we were speaking inside. He looks outside at me. I smile and wave. He looks pissed off that he has given me my discount now.

He takes my order and says it will be 10 mins.

During the next 10 mins while waiting for my discounted pizza, someone else is about to come in the restaurant to order a take out. I ask them if they have phoned ahead for the discount or not. They didn’t realise that was a thing. No problem buddy, I’ll do it for you. What do you want?

I call the same number again, the same guy answers and hears my voice again and looks straight at me again.

I smile and wave again and proceed to order this random stranger’s pizza order for them whilst maintaining eye contact with him.

“My friend would also like the 10% telephone discount”.

He looks like he’s gonna pop a blood vessel but has no choice but to accept it. After all, I didn’t enforce the rules, he did.

A week later, the telephone order discount is cancelled completely and it’s simply given if you have a menu, and there are menus in the entrance anyway, so you’d be crazy not to see it and use it.

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