Customer Meets The Manager To Report The Waitress Behaviour.

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This happened a few years ago. I was on a business trip to SLC, and I wanted to visit my recently divorced sister and take her out for dinner. We were both in a hamburger mood, so we went to a Red Bobbin over in the West valley.

It was prom night.

The place was packed: high school kids in tuxes and gowns stuck in every corner, sitting practically shoulder to shoulder, and having a great time. Adding to the noise was a wandering barbershop quartet and a wandering Gypsy violin. We thought “Oh no, we’re going to have to wait an hour to be seated,” but the mgt had been saving a booth or two for their non-prom clientele.

Mere seconds after we got seated, our waitress showed up with two glasses of water, and rattled off the specials. For the rest of the night, you would have thought we were her only customers. Our drinks were always full, the burgers arrived sizzling hot, and the bottomless fries kept coming.

She managed to walk by our table and check up on us, discreetly, every five minutes — not chasing us out, but genuinely taking care of us. And she didn’t treat us like just another two-top. She was friendly and gracious and… well, human. And even with all the mayhem going on around her (she was also serving several prom tables), she never lost her cool. We were watching, and we were impressed.

After we paid (and left a generous tip), I detoured over to the House Manager’s station. The poor guy was trying to manage prom night, and when he saw me coming, he got an “Oh, $h!t” look in his eye. As I got closer, I said, “Relax. I want to tell you some good things about one of your staff.”

Then I told him everything I just told you. I showed him our receipt, so he could catch her name and employee number.

And then HE said, “Will you do me a favor? Go to this website” (he gave me a business card) “and tell them everything you just told me. Corporate reads those comments, and they will make a big deal of it and send her a bunch of rewards stuff, and I will get to call her up and present it to her in front of all of her co-workers.”

So I did. I hope that Corporate and the house manager did their part as well.

Best. Waitress. Ever.

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