Customer Posted On FB On How This Employee Treated A Disabled Man.

“Just wanted to share an experience I had tonight at my local Home Depot in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

I walked into the store tonight looking for a specific item, sku number in hand. I couldn’t find the product anywhere despite knowing the aisle and bin number, checking various end-caps, aisles, etc.

The store was swamped despite it being post-black Friday and my anxiety was at an all-time high after a long day at work.

That was until I watched a gentleman named Gerald who works for Home Depot helping a disabled man with his shopping.

I was in the store for nearly an hour as a man named Tom (another great HD employee) from the customer service desk attempted to locate the inventory of the item I was looking for.

During this time, I witnessed Gerald not only escort the disabled customer to assist with his shopping, but help him check out.

Gerald went above and beyond… I couldn’t help but stare as he helped the customer get out his wallet, select his payment, swipe his card in the out-of-reach POS system, and even tied his bag shut so he wouldn’t lose anything.

Gerald was patient, thoughtful, kind… the list goes on.

Thank you Home Depot for making me stop and think about all my blessings tonight… and for serving as a reminder to slow down and be patient. ❤️

[[Feel free to share this post. I’d love for corporate Home Depot to see what awesome associates they have at the Cuyahoga Falls, OH store!]]”

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