Customer’s Reaction When She Sees An Unwelcoming Annoyed Employee With Her Sick Baby At The Salon.

Story by Kayla Bronn

Tonight I walked in the tanning salon and the employee seemed very annoyed and not very welcoming.

At first I thought to myself “well she’s not in a good mood, she needs to put her happy face on at work”

Then I looked down… I see a baby.. a sick baby sitting in his car seat…

I immediately think “why did she bring her sick baby to work” and then, I thought you know what sometimes moms (and dads) have to “do what they gotta do”.

Babies get sick, moms and dads get sick.

Sometimes you have to work because you can’t call into work two days in a row because your child still has fever and can’t go to daycare.

Often times, you don’t have anyone to help you.

As I walked to my room, I noticed a lot of beds dirty…

I laid in the tanning bed, I thought about this employee.. the overwhelmed look on her face when I walked in, the sick baby, all the dirty beds..

I can just imagine how she feels.

Most likely worried about getting in trouble, wondering how she is going to keep up with work and watch her sick child.

As I walked out of the room, I stopped at the door.

She asked if she could help me with something and I said “actually.. I wanted to offer my help to you. Would you like me to watch your child while you catch up on work?”

She looked like a weight was lifted off her shoulders, a relief she needed at that moment.

She told me “ don’t have to.”

I told her I wanted to help her!!

She smiled and said “I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much”.

So there I was sitting on the floor rocking this baby, while she caught up on cleaning beds and signing people in.

It was only about 15 minutes but at the end of that 15 minutes, The mom was caught up on her job, the baby was asleep, and kindness was shared between two strangers.

So next time, you see someone trying to keep a smile on their face.

Stop and think about how you can help them.

Share kindness.

You never truly know what someone is going through.

A little love can go a long ways ❤️

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