Dad Asks Whether He’s Mistaken For Not Wanting 3-Year-Old Daughter To Have Own Cellphone

Giving a youngster their own mobile phone has numerous advantages, but it also has some drawbacks. Children may feel more at rest realizing that their parents are only a phone call away if they want assistance, and parents may feel more at peace knowing that they always have a method to connect with their children. On the other side, children may overuse their gadget, resulting in an incredibly large phone bill that parents must pay. They may also take advantage of their newfound independence and use their phone to engage in inappropriate behaviour, such as possibly bullying others or indulging in other dangerous behaviours. A father and his fiancée disagreed about whether or not to give their kid her own cell phone. While this is a topic that most parents discuss at some time, it came a little sooner than planned for the dad. Read the story and share your views on this.

Source: Reddit

My fiancée(28F) and I (29M) have a daughter who just turned 3.

So yesterday my fiancée told me that she hates having to keep giving up her phone to our daughter and that we should give her a phone, to which I said, “Absolutely not she’s just turning three, though, we could get her those learning tablets since she will be starting preschool soon.”

She told me “Loosen up, your acting like those helicopter parents, and most toddlers have phones. She always throws fits when I don’t give her my phone, so what if we just give her my old phone maybe?”.

I told her “Maybe when she’s 12, or 13, but for now, let’s just maybe get her that educational tablet.” and we just left it at that.

She’s been giving me the silent treatment and now it’s making me wonder, Am I a Jerk?

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