Dad Explains To 16 Y.O. Son That His Grandparents Cut Their Family Off Because Dad Used To Be Homeless, Ends Up Causing Family Drama.

Every family has its ups and downs. They are perfect in their own way. No matter what, a family supports you. But in this case the grandparents were not talking to their son-in-law and their daughter for a particular reason. When their grandson found out the reason, he was totally upset. Read the story and let us know if you support the father for telling his son the truth or not.

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Her parents always looked down on me and I can somewhat understand why given my past and how me and my wife met. At 23 I was a homeless man. My wife was the first person who was nice to me. Almost got kicked out of this small restaurant when I was trying to avoid the rain. She was there and pretended that we were meeting so they’d let me stay.

Got a free meal and we talked for a long time. She really helped turn my life around, stuff like helping me fill out job applications. From there we became good friends. 2 yrs after that, after getting my s**t together first thanks to her, I asked her out on a date.

Her family never approved of our relationship because they thought I was trash due to how my life was when we met. Which again I get it.

But after 4 years of us being in a relationship? Me having the same steady full time job to help with the bills for years? They didn’t even come to the wedding. Then when my son was born a year after they still wanted nothing to do with us.

So we haven’t had contact in years since my son was a baby. Now he’s 16 and they contacted us out of the blue. They still don’t care to talk to either me or my wife but they were “willing to put their feelings aside” to get to know him. We never went into details with him about why we don’t talk to them and he’s never asked much before.

We left the choice to him if he’d like to meet them. And he agreed to it. He’s gone over to spend time on several occasions the past 3 months. Finally the other day he asked us why we didn’t keep contact with them.

To him they seemed like nice people so he doesn’t get what the conflict was. They told him we stopped talking over a conflict we had but left out that they were the ones who didn’t want to see us.

So we told him the truth. My son already knows about my past. That’s something I never wanted to hide from him. We told him they never approved our relationship because I used to be homeless and they never wanted to be part of our lives since then.

He got mad at them, now they’re mad at us. My son doesn’t want to talk to them and they sent us screenshots of some of the things he told them (no insults or inappropriate language but just what he thought of them). And they think we’re a**hol* because they were finally building a relationship with him and we ruined it.

For now my son says he doesn’t want to be involved with people like that. We’ve talked to him several times, but he still hasn’t changed his mind. It was my choice to tell him why and my wife supported that. Now with how things have turned on I wonder if I was in the wrong like they seem to think I am. 

Do you think he did the wrong thing by telling the truth?. Here a few people’s thought about it on Reddit.

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