Dad Falls Asleep On Maternity Unit Floor – His Wife Sets The Record Straight.

Sara posted about her hard working husband and dad to their child Joe Duncan who denied staying home and sleeping in spite of working 12 hours each day as a cement technician.

She wrote that some may notice in the ER at 2 am a dad sleeping while the mom is taking care of the baby. But what she noticed was a dad sleeping on the floor after working 12 hour shifts for the last month even when his wife told him to rest at home since he didn’t want his babies in STL to be alone and his wife to have to do it on her own no matter how tired he is.

Sara noticed soon after her birth Joe was fast asleep in the hall and cherished him in every way possible. She is grateful for him and she couldn’t think of a life without him. She explains in the post that parenting is not easy. Hats off to single moms.

She admires and is thankful for a husband who cleans, does diapers and baths, cooks and still she is tired. She expresses how marriage and parenting is not always 50/50. At times it’s 60/40 and even 80/20.

Many could connect to the post which received 25,000 reactions and comments.

Let’s conclude by saying that not all men are bad. There are still good men who care for their family and loved ones. 

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