Dad Finds Daughter’s Hair In The Trash Instead Of In A Designated Drawer, Gets Upset She’s Putting Herself In Danger.

Every home has its own set of regulations. Keep your shoes on the shoe rack and make your bed as soon as you get up, but what if your family has a bizarre rule like falling hair when bathing or brushing must be thrown in a designated drawer? Like the story below, where a young lady describes how her father instructs the whole family to keep their hair in a drawer rather than tossing it away so that no one can track their DNA. Read the whole story and what would you do in this situation.

Source: Reddit

My (23F) dad (61M) has this thing where he asks everyone in the family to collect their shed hair from their wash days or combing or brushing and place it in a drawer in his room. It’s a massive drawer of dusty, dirty hair, and he plans to burn it all one day. I wish I was making this up, but I swear I’m not. The last time he burned his last batch had to be a few years ago.

Why, you ask? He’s afraid of people finding our hair somehow and tracing our DNA…again, swear I was making this up–I’m not. I’ve always found it cuckoo and I’d rather just toss my hair in the trash instead of this weirdo drawer. So I started doing that, except I put it in folded up paper towels so he wouldn’t see it in the garbage and get upset.

However, I’m guessing one day I didn’t hide the hair good enough and he found my balled up napkins (he takes the trash out in our family) and told me to stop. I slowed down, but didn’t stop, and ever since he found the first one he generally unballs paper towels from our bathroom trash to find hair because he know I’ll hide them. Last time he found one, he got really upset with me and told me to stop. Am I Wrong ?

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