Dad Gets Bombarded With Birthday Wishes After Son Post His Number On Billboard.

You know it’s really nice when someone remembers your birthday. But most people usually don’t expect to hear from strangers when their big day arrives.

Chris Ferry’s sons, however, wanted to make that happen for their dad. So the boys, of Florida, had a big billboard posted wishing their dad, who lives in New Jersey, a happy birthday just before St. Patrick’s Day. Along with the message was a big picture of Chris, and they just happened to include his phone number on it.

And for days Chris received one message after another from a stranger wishing him a happy birthday. When the messages started coming in, he asked one of those who sent a message how he knew it was his birthday, and that person responded that he had seen it on a billboard while driving into Atlantic City.

The billboard has brought a bit more response than the boys expected for their dad’s birthday. More than 15,000 calls or messages have been made to Chris because of it, and one birthday call even came from as far away as Israel.

Said one of his sons, “I hope we made his birthday special.”

I’m pretty sure it’s one he won’t soon forget, and I guess it just goes to show you that people actually do read billboards.

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