Dad Of 3 Girls Shows A Moment Of Disappointment When His 4th Daughter Is Born – His Mother Calls Him ‘Misogynistic.’

Children are a blessing from God. Whether boy or girl it does not matter. A father expressed his disappointment when he discovered that his fourth kid was a girl rather than a boy. Do read the whole story of this dad’s feeling and let us know what are your thoughts on this.

Source: Reddit

I(36 M) have three beautiful daughters. The joys of my life and the reasons for my happiness. Last week my wife gave birth to my fourth daughter. It was a roller coaster but both my wife and daughter are healthy and home now.

When my wife was giving birth and my daughter was born for a second my face had shown a sign of I wouldn’t even say disappointment, sadness I guess. I was hoping for a boy this time around and everyone was telling us this would be. It only lasted a second if that and I held my little girl and didn’t even pay mind to it after.

Few days ago, my wife mentioned how when she was born I looked dejected. My wife and I have known each other since we were ten so I guess she can tell my facial expressions. I told her I was just a bit sad at first, but I’m well over it and I am over the moon with our newborn.

My wife told my mother I was a bit sad that we didn’t have a boy, and my mother spoke to me about it yesterday and said she was disappointed in me for thinking that way and that it’s because of this mentality that men act misogynist. I defended myself and said it’s a natural feeling after having three girls. I felt having a son would be a different experience, but I in no way am sad about my daughter’s birth. I love her and I will love her until I descend into the ground.

I think I am AH because I should’ve controlled myself and maybe kept my thoughts to myself and maybe because I was possibly misogynistic? Was it wrong to express my feelings? 

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