Dad Reacts To His Toddler Daughter Accidentally Buying A Car Off eBay.

We’ve all heard of them… we know they’re out there and walk among us. Maybe, they’re even in our own houses!!! THEY are the naughty kids. They are definitely NOT on Santa’s NICE list.

Little Sorella Stoute, who lives under the apparently not-too-watchful eyes of her parents in Portland, Oregon, is a mere 14 months old. One day, her father, Paul, received an email from eBay notifying him that he was the high bidder on a car…. a rather collectible car at that… a 1962 Austin-Healy Sprite.

Well, Paul KNEW he had never bid on that car. And his wife didn’t do it either. So Paul then realized that he had let his daughter Sorella play with his smartphone… probably once too often. And she was the one to click on a button in his eBay app that had her dad inadvertently bidding on that car. And his bid was the winning one.

But instead of canceling out on the bid, Paul decided to go ahead and buy the car. It was in pretty rough shape and only cost him $225. Paul and his wife will keep it and fix it up over time. Then, they’re going to give it to Sorella on her 16th birthday, naughty girl that she is.

My advice: check your parental controls on all your devices, or simply don’t let the young ones play with them. Because, ya know, they do have this thing called: Toys.

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