Dad Requests Money To Buy Christmas Presents For His Kids. But Then This Happened.

Christmas can be a tough time of year for some, especially when parents are struggling to make sure their children have a special holiday, and here’s a story where a father asked strangers to help his children have a nice Christmas, and he got more than he thought possible.

Ben Buckley has five kids, and, naturally, he wanted all of them to have a great Christmas. But his hours of working at a warehouse had been reduced, and not a lot of money was coming into the household. He panicked. How could he possibly afford buying gifts for his children.

And his wife, Kirsty, was suffering from complications after giving birth to their fifth child. Times were extremely tough for the family.

Says Ben: “We don’t have a big family network. My mum and dad only make enough to fund themselves so they couldn’t help, so I didn’t know where to turn and what to do. We just need a bit of help. This should be a happy time for all of us but under the surface of it all for me and my partner it’s nothing but anxiety and worry about what’s to come and what we are to tell the kids and many other things.”

So this past November 16, 32-year-old Ben set up a GoFundMe page begging and pleading with strangers to help make his family have a nice Christmas. His goal was set at £2,000. Within just a few hours of that page going live, the £2,000 goal was reached. Just goes to show what people… strangers even… can do when they work together to help someone in need. 

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