Dad Sings ‘You Are So Beautiful To Me.’ Baby Girl’s Response Bringing Tears To All.

Most all dads will say that their daughters are beautiful. But it’s seldom they get the chance to sing them a song telling them as much. One man decided to vocalize the famous “You Are So Beautiful” song by Joe Cocker to his little 2-month-old daughter.

As he cradled her in his arms, he began to sing. She gazed intenly and him and the adorable little absolutely loved him singing to her. She giggled and cooed, and loved that her father was giving her his full attention, and a gift just for her. All parents love to make their children happy, and this is one man who got to see true happiness from his little daughter at such a young age.


When she grows up, she won’t remember him holding her in his strong arms and singing such a beautiful song to her. But she will always have the wonderful video of her enjoying it so much. And, with this, she can play it over and over, especially when life hits some of those tough moments. This may show us that little girls, even at only 2 months old, appreciate being told that they’re beautiful.

Check out the amazing video below.

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