Dad slammed for trying to change son’s date of birth because he ‘has authority’

A new baby’s arrival is thrilling; infants represent life, hope, and the promise of love. The day when the child is born is indeed a special day. In this story after attempting to modify the date his son was born on the baby’s birth certificate to a date he liked, a father was informed that he “doesn’t have power over space and time.” Read the story and share your views on this.

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Throwaway.…blah blah anyway my M34 Wife F29 gave birth to our first baby boy last night almost an hour before the new year 2021. He was born at 11:05 PM. He’s healthy (thank God) and my wife is doing alright. Our families are happy and were excited to welcome our new baby boy into their life.

I was provided with a form by the nurse to fill out. I added the information needed till I reached the time and date of birth. Instead of adding : Dec. 31. 2020/11:05 I decided to add Jan. 1st. 2021/12:05. One hour difference wasn’t really a problem. The nurse stopped me and asked what I was doing. She said that I filled the blanks with the false information and wanted me to refill the blanks with the “exact” time and date of birth.

I argued with her about it and told her that she was making a huge deal out of it. And that this was unfair to my son because he only lived in 2020 for just one hour. Plus 2020 was a shi%#y year. I’m glad it’s finally over and I don’t want my son to be associated with it. So adding 2021 would make more sense. I told her it didn’t matter and that it was better that way. After she tried to argue with me telling me that what I was doing was considered forgery and would cause a huge issue because it’s not just an hour I was changing but the date as well.

I told her that I’m his dad so I get a say and take full responsibility for anything that happens later. She lashed out at me and told me that “this is not how it works” and that this form will not be accepted because it contained false information. She got more people involved including the pediatrician who disrespected me by raising his voice. I told them that I’m the parent and I have the authority. They ended up taking the form and didn’t let me fill it out.

My wife said that I embarrassed her by making a scene and acting stupid and lashing out. My family heard about the issue. And disagreed with me saying I ruined their joy and caused my wife to be stressed out. My brother agreed that it was ridiculous for them to focus on a specific time and said that technically my son was born in 2021 because he’ll have the whole year to live but only one hour of 2020.

Am I A Jerk? 

Edit: Calm down people you’re not giving me a chance to explain.

Edit2 people calling me an idiot. And other names you should have some respect for. My dad passed away in 2020. I lost a close friend on may. I’ve struggled and still am struggling financially after leaving my job involuntarily. And other s%#t happened as well. I hate 2020 and I wish it never even existed.

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