Dad takes daughter to women’s restroom; gets threatened with police.

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So I’m 34m and my daughter is 5f. Wife is 31f. We were on a long road trip (driving to another state) and my daughter announced she had to pee really bad. So I drove until I found a Walmart, and my wife asked me to take her to the restroom since she wasn’t feeling well.

I’d like to start off the rest of this by saying we as a family do not usually use public restrooms (my wife’s a bit of a germaphobe so she tells me to avoid them) but we still had a long way to go and our daughter tends to get super upset and angry when she’s uncomfortable. So we figured this could be an exception for the sake of everyone’s sanity.

I take my daughter up to the restroom entrances and then realize I’m not entirely comfortable taking her into the men’s restroom. They’re usually pretty gross and for other reasons I’m sure I don’t have to explain.

So I took her into the women’s and at first it was completely empty, but then an older lady and 2 college age girls walked in while I’m waiting outside the stall. The 2 girls kinda give me the side eye but don’t say anything. The older lady on the other hand asks me what I’m doing here and that she is gonna get the police.

I quickly explained that I’m just waiting for my daughter to get done using the bathroom, and then I’d be out as quickly as possible. She kept saying I had no business in here and I could’ve just taken her to the men’s restroom since I was a man

I didn’t want a scene to erupt/ nor did I want to keep explaining myself so I just apologized and went quiet. At that point my daughter was done.

We left, and I told my wife what happened and she got a bit annoyed with me, said I probably made all of those women uncomfortable, and it was silly to be uncomfortable taking her into the men’s bathroom since as her father I’d be right there with her.

I even told her that men’s restrooms tend to be dirty and she said that all bathrooms are dirty so it doesn’t matter. She also brought up the fact that there could’ve been a woman fixing her hijab so it was a bad move on my part.

The argument has since sizzled out but I can’t help but think I was justified in taking her to the women’s regardless of how the other women felt. Am I A Jerk ?

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