Dad Threatens To Leave Wife Over Her ‘Insane’ New Restrictions On Their Teenage Daughter.

Discipline is never simple to maintain. As a parent, you want to be firm yet sensible. Punishment is sometimes required, but it does not have to be abusive. Read this story and let us know what you think about the situation. 

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When my wife and I got married we had long discussions about our morals, how we wanted to raise kids etc.,

I was excited to be an equally involved father and ended up being a SAHD after she went back to work following two years of maternity leave. She had two years SAHM, I had three as a SAHD and then she went part time when our twins were in preschool and kindergarten.

We always agreed we were going to practice authoritative parenting and treat our kids with respect and kindness. We wanted them to feel safe talking to us and regulating their feelings and we didn’t want to teach them that just because someone bigger than you says to do something that you have to.

All in all I’m extremely proud of the people our kids (now 16F and 16M) have grown to be. They are kind, studious, creative, empathetic and all around wonderful people. However like all people they aren’t without flaws and sometimes there is friction. Lately my daughter has been wanting more independence. My wife and I originally agreed that we knew from our upbringings that being extra strict doesn’t always work and if there are things to rebel against, then kids will rebel (this is what we decided would work for us and our family not trying to preach parenting lessons to others) so we’ve tried instead to be collaborative.

Well last weekend my daughter wanted to go to a party at a friend’s house, my wife and I said yes. When she got home my wife took her phone from her and started going through her texts and photos to confirm she was actually with her friends. I was livid when I found out as this seemed like a gross invasion of privacy to me. We talked about it and she said it wasn’t a big deal but she wouldn’t do it again.

So I thought it was a one off but then yesterday my wife took my daughter’s laptop and threatened to take THE DOOR from her room if she found out she was talking to boys. My daughter has never even been given a rule not to talk to boys so this all seems insane to me.

Last night again we discussed why she was doing this, she said she just wanted a bit more discipline in the house as our kids are “too relaxed?” but again said she would drop it.

Well now today my wife asked me to help take my daughter’s door and I pulled her into our room to have a private conversation and things got heated. I told her I felt she was being extremely irrational and bullying our daughter and implementing insane standards they have never had to or should have to expect. How is our daughter being punished for a rule that never existed? I threatened to leave her and take the kids if she didn’t start reflecting on what she was doing and start respecting them as people again. She burst into tears, called me a Jerk and went to stay with her sisters. Her sister has also said I’m a Jerk. What is happening here? What are your opinions? Please don’t be afraid to criticize. Thank you for your time in advance.

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