Dad wants to move back home to get sleep

If there’s one thing that all new parents have in common, it’s a lack of sleep. However, a guy in this story has devised a method to manage his own sleepiness, but others are skeptical that it is a marriage-friendly approach.

Source: Mumsnet

My Son 27 and his gf recently had a baby. As you’d expect they are being woken up during the night. Son has asked if he can move back in mon – fri so he can get a proper night’s sleep so he can concentrate on going to work and do his job effectively.

My husband thinks the idea is outrageous and he should just ‘get on with it’, I feel a bit confused as to why he is even asking. Surely other new parents don’t do this? I get sleep deprivation is hard, but I am not overly enamoured with this idea. But I don’t want to be unsupportive either – how would you respond?

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