Daughter Finally Introduces Boyfriend To Her Step-Dad.

My Step-daughter introduced me to her boyfriend yesterday. He’s a really nice young man, personable and outgoing, great sense of humour. My wife has known him for years, and adores him. They make a lovely couple.

At the end of the night, my Step-daughter said to me that she was glad that I’d finally got to meet him, because she knew that we would get on well, as she felt that he and I were so very much alike in our interests and temperament. She actually said that her new boyfriend was a lot like me.

I had a few quiet moments when she said that.

It’s a great reminder that who you are as a man defines the sort of man that your children will let in to their lives as well.

I will have to tell her how much that meant to me for her to say that, it just might take a while before I can do that without tearing up.

I’m a very lucky man.

Source: Reddit

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