Daughter Gets Rewarded For Her Father’s Karma.

How honest are you? I’d certainly like to think I’m well above average when it comes to that. But what if you found some big money? Would you turn it in? and here are 10 acts of honesty that changed people’s lives.

1. Gerrell McAllister has a fairly regular low-paying job at a pet food store in Tacoma, Washington. But one day, someone accidentally transferred $1,200 into his Paypal account.

Gerrell realized the sender had made a mistake; that the money was actually intended for the sender’s daughter as a birthday present. So Gerrell didn’t even give it a second thought. He sent it right back to the sender, explaining who he was and that he needed to try again to send it to his daughter.

When that story of Gerrell’s honesty made the rounds, Gerrell actually started receiving money from others to thank him for being such an honest person.

2. Four college football players in New Jersey were running a little late for practice when they walked into a store to buy some batteries and a cable for their dorm speakers. But, after waiting for awhile, no cashier showed up.

So the players left the exact amount of money to pay for the items, including tax, and made sure the store’s security cameras could see them doing so.

The store was actually closed and the lock on the front door malfunctioned, so they were able to walk right in.

For their honesty, William Paterson University students Thomas James, Kell’E Gallimore, Jelani Bruce and Anthony Biondi were each given $50 store gift cards.

Says store manager Marci Lederman: “I think it’s terrific that there are still people out there that have moral character not to do the wrong thing when they easily could.”

3. 38-year-old Danny MacKillop was living on the streets of Toronto…addicted to heroin and other drugs, and then, something interesting happened. Danny was passing an ATM machine and found $40 that a Toronto police officer had left behind. He sure could have used that money to support his habit. Instead, he ran to catch up with the officer, and handed over his money.

That one act of honesty triggered a chain of events that would take Danny in a completely different direction. The officer posted about it on Facebook, and Danny’s mom spotted the post, and she immediately caught a flight to Toronto to find him. She had not seen her son in eight years, and it had been more than two years since she had heard from him. By the end of her first day in Toronto, she found her son.

Says Danny: “I knew — as soon as I saw her — I knew everything was going to be all right. It was my mom. My mom was my safety.”

Within days, Danny was in rehab, and today, he feels like he has a purpose again.

4. 17-year-old Chen Yifan of China had just finished making a food delivery when he got a call for another delivery. While taking that call, he accidentally hit and scratched up a BMW.

He made the delivery but he actually returned to the BMW, wrote an apology letter and included what amounted to $45 in that letter. He explained in the letter that that was all the money he had.

The driver of the BMW was truly touched by the teenager’s letter and asked a local officer to help him track him down. When they found him, the driver not only returned Chen’s money to him, but he gave him another $1,450 to reward him for honesty.

5. Elmer Alvarez was homeless on the streets of New Haven, Connecticut. While walking those streets one day, he found a check… for $10,000. He could have done a lot with that. But that just wasn’t in him to keep something that wasn’t his. So he returned it to the Realtor who had lost it.

That Realtor, Roberta Hoskie, was so taken by Elmer’s honesty that she arranged for him a place to live and set him up for a job interview with one of her partners.

6. In Oba Akran, Nigeria, a bank security guard turned in $10,000 that had been misplaced. It was more than his yearly salary and he turned it in.

Because of this, the guard, named Ibrahim, was showered by the government with monetary gifts of well over $30,000.

Which just goes to show, it doesn’t matter WHERE you are in the world… honesty is a good thing to have.

7. Reggie Cabututan worked as a cab driver in Manila. While doing his job one day last year, Reggie noticed that an Australian businessman had left a bag in his cab. That bag contained one million pesos, or nearly $20,000.

That businessman, Trent Shields, had just realized he left the bag in the taxi and was on his way to file a police report when Reggie and his cab pulled up alongside him, and Reggie was smiling.

A post about the incident went viral and because of Reggie’s honesty, he was awarded a scholarship with Vivixx Academy. And completion of that schooling could lead to some very high-paying jobs.

8. Johnny Duckworth, a busboy at a diner in Grand Junction, Colorado, was barely making enough at his job to get by. He couldn’t even afford a car to get there, so he was having to bike to work every day.

While working his shift, he discovered an envelope behind a booth at the diner. The envelope contained $3,000, along with an ATM slip. He turned in the money to his boss and his boss turned it into the bank, who was able to contact the rightful owner, and that owner gave Johnny a $300 tip for his honesty.

But Johnny’s story doesn’t quite end there. Johnny’ boss was so impressed with his honesty that he started a GoFundMe page for him to help with medical bills. The target was $3,000. But in a very short time, more than $8,000 had been raised for him.

9. In Bangkok, a bus driver discovered a bag that a passenger had left behind. It contained 1 million baht, or about $30,000. So he took it to the local police and described in detail the passenger who had left it.

Later that day, the passenger went to the police station and said he had misplaced that bag full of money. Of course, the police had it, and from the bus driver’s description of the man, they turned it over to him.

For his honesty, the passenger gave the bus driver two bags of candy.

10. 23-year-old Ana dos Santos Cruz was a struggling single mother who had to sift through the dumpsters near San Paulo, Brazil. Then, one day, she found a check for 50,000 pounds, or, $67,000 US dollars. Ana could have done so much for herself and her 3-year-old son with that money….but she knew that would not be the right thing to do. So she turned it in to the intended recipient, a local cancer hospital.

Because of her honest deed, Ana was invited by a shopping mall to star in a publicity campaign on TV and on billboards. And since that, she was hired by a modeling agency and been offered numerous modeling jobs.

Says Ana: “I believe that things are going to get better now. My dream is to own my own home, where I can have a room for me and another for my son.”

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