Daughter Gets Upset When Father Gives His Family Heirloom To His New Girlfriend. Isn’t She Overreacting.

One of the most lovely experiences a person can have is falling in love. Some individuals want to choose their ring ahead of time to ensure that it is as flawless as possible, while others are utterly astonished by what their loved one chooses themselves. Read the story to know what happened due to the ring and what you think of this situation.

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I (a 36 male) have a 16 year old daughter named Jane. Jane is a great kid and was really close to my mom until she passed away a year ago. My mother gave one piece of her jewelry to her children before she passed away. I was given her engagement ring.

I have been planning a proposal to my girlfriend, Laura (30 female) for about 6 months now. Jane is from my previous relationship (her mother and I were never married). I’ve been dating Laura for about 5 years.

I told Jane I was going to propose. She was happy about it and asked to see the ring. I told her I’d be using my mothers ring and Jane looked upset so I asked her what was wrong. She said she had assumed the ring would be hers since she is my daughter. I explained the ring was given to me and there are other heirlooms (small items like rosary beads) she can have.

For clarification I do have the money to buy a ring but the sentimental value of this ring is why I wanted to use it. Laura also helped us take care of our mom while she was sick and they were close.

I proposed to Laura with the ring and she said yes. After this happened Jane cried to her uncle (my brother) about it and he understands both points. His wife thinks I’m an AH and so do some other family members. I obviously can’t take it back from Laura when I already proposed.

Isn’t she overreacting?

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