Daughter’s Surprise To Their Step-Dad On His Birthday Brings Him To Tears.

June 9 – John Boden of Glendale, Arizona, was having another birthday. Oh well, another year older, another year wiser. But this year, John, aside from being a little wiser, got something pretty special.

For many years, John had taken care of Brianna and her sister. So, for his birthday this year, the girls wanted to let him know how much he means to them.

When John opened a box put before him, he found a stack of papers. He flipped through them but didn’t really give them much attention, and said he would read through them later.

But John was told to stop and read the first page. And there, on that first page of official papers, John was listed as the adopting parent of Brianna and her sister.

When John realized this and it sunk in, he started crying. The girls are now his daughters, and it’s one of the best birthdays he’s ever had. 

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