Dave Chappelle Tackled, Slammed on Stage at Hollywood Bowl.

Dave Chappelle’s performance in the Hollywood Bowl Tuesday night came to a standstill when somebody stormed the stage and attacked the comic, which was more terrifying given that the attacker had a pistol.

It happened near the end of Dave’s act, which was part of the “Netflix Is A Joke” event, when a guy from the crowd somehow climbed on stage and abused Dave, brutally attacking him and smashing him on the hard stage.

Dave Chappelle Tackled on Stage at Hollywood Bowl by Man with Gun | TMZ Exclusive

Someone rushed the stage and attacked Dave Chappelle during his Hollywood Bowl performance … and the surreal moment was caught on video.

Posted by TMZ on Wednesday, May 4, 2022

According to law police, the assailant aimed the pistol at Chappelle as he rushed him. According to reports, the rifle was a replica of a semi-automatic. It was also strangely equipped with a knife connected to the rifle.

What’s more…the inquiry officers are asking this morning how did this person move beyond the metal identifier?According to an eyewitness, the assailant stood up and began fleeing as a crowd of people followed him. He was sprinting around the stage’s screen when “the crowd caught up with him and beat the snot out of him, trampling on him,” according to one eyewitness. As per an eyewitness, Jamie Foxx and Busta Rhymes exchanged a few licks.

According to reports Dave is well, but the assailant was hurt and was brought to an ambulance on a stretcher. He’s presently in the hospital. LAPD officials stated that the man was detained for attack with a dangerous weapon.Dave went on with his demonstration, telling the crowd that he couldn’t say whether that was essential for the show. He snatched the rear of that attacker’s head, his hair was spongy and absorbing.

Now consider this… after the assault, think about who was there?  Chris Brown! He was a special guest on Dave’s show. “Was that Will Smith?” Chris said as he went onto the platform, hugging his mate.

According to his publicist Carla Sims, Dave is completely cooperating with the police inquiry. Despite the unusual violence, Dave “refuses to let last night’s tragedy eclipse the pleasure of this historic occasion,” she says.

Chappelle’s four-night engagement at the Hollywood Bowl matches him with Monty Python for the most headlining gigs by a comic at the venue. 70,000 people attended the four sold-out events.

The man who attacked Dave, is 23 years old whose name is  Isaiah Lee and is being detained on $30,000 bond.

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