Deaf And Partially Blind Dog Solves The Case Of A Missing Girl.

Dogs are just amazing creatures. They give us comfort and joy and ask for so little in return… just a little loving, food and water. They don’t want our money, they don’t care what kind of car we drive or what kind of house we live in. They really just want us, and their lives are fulfilled.

In Queensland, there’s a 17-year-old blue heeler named Max. In human years, that’s… well, that’s a lot. Max has certainly seen better days. Now, he’s deaf and partially blind. But he’s a good dog. Yes, he’s definitely a good dog.

A while back, 3-year-old Aurora disappeared from the family home around mid-afternoon. More than a hundred emergency service volunteers were brought in to look for her. Police and members of the public were also in on the search. An air search was also put into operation. Finally, what seemed like forever turned out to be around 8 a.m. the next day. A member of the search party spotted Aurora walking with Max the dog about two miles from her home. She had some minor cuts and abrasions.

Police and others are calling Max a hero for finding the little girl and staying with her. And her kept her safe. Now, Max, at 17 years old, deaf and partially blind, is an honorary police dog. Atta boy, Max!

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