Deaf Dog That None Wanted To Adopt Becomes The First K-9.

Ghost was a 3-month-old homeless puppy when he was found in Florida. He has white fur and brown eyes. And he is deaf. When he was turned in at a place for animals, workers there deemed him “unadoptable.”

He had way too much energy and seemed indifferent to people. And if he were taken in by someone, they would have to find a way to communicate with him. He was just a lost cause, they thought… a waste of time. And because of that, workers scheduled him to be euthanized. They determined his fate as a short stay on death row.

When officials at Swamp Haven Humane center in Florida found out about Ghost, they reached out to several agencies around the country, hoping there would be one to take him in. And there was.

It was Olympic Peninsula Humane Society in Port Angeles, Washington. There, specialist Barb Davenport was called in to handle the deaf, high-energy puppy. She takes dogs that might not be able to find forever homes and works with them to become important members of their communities.

Barb found that Ghost was good at locating things when she would throw them, that he was very determined and focused to locate that object every time. She thought he might be a good K-9 for a police department. That was more than two years ago.

Now, Ghost lives with his handler, Joe Henderson, and is a narcotics detection dog for the Washington Department of Corrections. He has found his forever home… far away from the death row he was once sitting on. And he has found love. He has also found his purpose, becoming the first deaf dog to serve the community in Washington state’s K-9 history. 

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