Defendant Collapses In Court When Judged Announced Her Verdict.

A lady who was found guilty in a murder-for-hire conspiracy against her ex-husband fell minutes after her guilty judgement was read out in court. 

Diana Lovejoy, 45, was found guilty of scheme to submit murder and endeavored murder on her estranged husband Greg Mulvihill. Lovejoy looked wide-eyed at her legal team as the decision was read out before collapsing in her chair seconds later, according to video obtained inside the courtroom. 

As an officer attempted to assist Lovejoy sit straight, a member of her legal team reached out and grabbed her elbow. As a fellow cop radioed for medical aid, the officer assisted her in lying down on the floor. 

Lovejoy was carried out of the courthouse and sent to the hospital for treatment while Judge Sim von Kalinowski cleared the courtroom. The event caused a brief delay in the reading of the conviction for Lovejoy’s co-defendant, Weldon McDavid Jr., a 50-year-old firearms instructor. In addition to attempted murder, he was found guilty of assault with a dangerous weapon. 

At the time of the attempted murder, Lovejoy and Mulvihill had split in July 2014 and were in the midst of a tumultuous custody fight over their young son. 

According to authorities, Lovejoy blamed her ex-husband of assaulting their kid and sexually abusing her throughout their bitter divorce and custody struggle. 

After joint custody was agreed upon, the legal battle was drawing to a close. Lovejoy had also committed to pay Mulvihill $120,000, which was due in the weeks after his death. 

About the night of September 1, Mulvihill was hurt when he got a phone call from somebody professing to be a private agent with data on Lovejoy. The victim was told to travel to a desolate street and look for a parcel containing information about his ex-wife. Mulvihill, who was accompanied by a coworker, was shot in the left armpit by McDavid. 

McDavid, a former Marine, subsequently claimed that he was a skilled marksman who would have killed the victim if he had planned to do so. When Lovejoy began taking shooting classes at the range where he worked, the gunman met her. 

Lovejoy faces a 25-year sentence, while McDavid faces a 50-year sentence. On December 12, they were sentenced. Watch the video.

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