Delivery Person’s Reaction When He See’s A Pregnant Lady With An IV Pole At The Door Is Heart Touching.

When I was pregnant with my second daughter, I had severe hyperemesis gravidarum. I lost over 80lbs while I was pregnant, had home IV infusions twice a week, a 24/7 anti emetics pump, and toward the end, I had an NG tube. It was not pleasant, and was very debilitating. Right around this time, several local places were starting to promote grocery delivery, which I was SO THANKFUL for because I could barely stand without puking, let alone drive.

The man who came to deliver my groceries is a man I will NEVER forget, and now, I realize, my oldest daughter won’t either.

First time he came to the house he knocked and I answered, in pajamas and scooting with my IV pole. He had unloaded all my groceries into my garage, but as soon as he saw me he said “There is no way in hell I am going to expect or even let you bring the groceries in! Normally this is against policy but this just won’t do!” He brought my whole order (300$ worth of food) into the house, and even offered to help me put it away as his next order was close and he had another 2 hours in his delivery window. All the while he was so nice and listened to all the crazy stuff from my bored toddler. I’d like to add that I live at a busy intersection, and don’t have a driveway that is big rig friendly, so he had to park in a lot across the intersection, and cart all the goods over and up the hill to my driveway.

From that point on for the better part of almost a year, this guy came every week, sometimes twice if I forgot something with my first order. When he came, he brought stickers for my daughter (and a balloon and candy for Valentines day, and a stuffed toy another time) dog treats for my dogs, and was so unbelievably helpful.

I tried to tip him once, but he explained that if he ever got caught, it was grounds for dismissal.

He even took a vacation to Disneyland with his own kids, and while he was gone, left special instructions for my order for his fill in driver. And now that I’m typing this I remember he brought my daughter back a giant lollipop lol

At an absolutely gruelling and awful time for myself and my family, this guy was so awesome, and was nothing short of an amazing human being.

He always smiled, was positive, helpful, and never made me feel any worse than I already did, even when I knew I was probably sometimes cranky, whiney, smelly (showering was hard for me to do alone, my husband or home nurse had to help) and otherwise toward the end with the weight loss and NG tube, I’m sure I looked painfully awful as well. None of that ever phased this man.

I did make sure corporate and his boss knew how awesome he was. I took it upon myself to write formal letters and mail them instead of using online feedback.

He has since moved on to other work, but I will never forget him sitting with my daughter, on the floor with legos, trying to distract her while the home health nurse struggled to get a line for my IV.

Source: Reddit