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Denzel Washington: I Don’t Care For People Who Put Down The Police And Soldiers Who Sacrifice Their Lives So We Have The Freedom To Complain About What They Do

Denzel Washington does not agree with the majority of the “Hollywood crowd,” who have sided with groups such as Black Lives Matter and “Defund the Police.” In fact, the Oscar winner was particularly vehement about “humans” who insult cops and military.

He has the biggest regard for what they do, for what their warriors do, for those who put their lives on the line. He just doesn’t like folks who put other individuals down. They wouldn’t be able to complain about what they do if it weren’t for them, Denzel said.

The actor was thrilled to have played police enforcement in more than a dozen films, including The Little Things. He plays a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s investigator with a troubled history who is given a second chance. Denzel went on to say that his admiration for police enforcement was inspired by an event he observed on a ride-along in 1991 while preparing a character for the film Ricochet.

He responded to a call with a sergeant. They got a report about a troubled individual outside his house with a firearm, Denzel stated. They pulled up, performed a U-turn past the home, and came up short.  He told Denzel to sit in the car, which he did. He escaped. As he stepped out, another car drove up, and two young people rushed out, shouting. It turned out to be their granddad. By maintaining cool, this officer defused the entire scenario.

Denzel stated, The officer was able to settle the issue without turning to any violence. However, it taught him in an instant how they may lose their lives, he continued. He didn’t go overboard. He could have pulled out his rifle and shot the folks who came up behind him driving really quickly. He may have shot the old guy who was agitated and bewildered; Denzel believed he was suffering from dementia. But it taught him in a moment, and he’ll never forget it, what their law enforcement officers face from moment to moment, second to second.

The veteran Hollywood star also received accolades in his personal life after being caught on tape assisting a homeless guy during a police interaction in Los Angeles. Several videos have surfaced online in which Denzel seems to settle a difficult situation involving an African-American homeless guy and two cops.

One social media video claimed to show one of the Los Angeles police officers recounting what occurred. Denzel drove past, noticed the person on the road, and was concerned for his well being, the officer explained. The actor pulled over, moved the guy out of the way, and cops were contacted by another person who was driving by and witnessed Denzel. They intervened, spoke with the man, and found that he did not want to damage himself or others, so he was allowed to proceed.

One LAPD officer publicly congratulated Denzel, referring to him as a good Samaritan, and even provided the homeless man with a mask for safety. So Denzel assisted them today, the police explained. Denzel, who has previously played a U.S. soldier on multiple occasions over his illustrious career, said he is always trying to produce a picture about those warriors who “make the ultimate sacrifice.”

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