‘Desperate’ Homeless Mother Dies Alone In Shelter Unaware of $884,407 Unclaimed Inheritance

Cathy Boone died at a shelter, destitute and homeless, unknowing that she inherited £600,000 ($884,407). As per reports, multiple attempts were made to locate the 49-year-old and give over the inheritance, however they were unsuccessful.

Boone, a mom of two, was the legal owner of the cash her mother left behind following her death in 2016.

Every attempt was made to locate her, from newspaper adverts to private detectives, however she was unable to be found. Boone was struggling from drug and mental health concerns when she died while sleeping on the streets of Astoria, Oregon.

Her father, Jack Spithall, remarked that near the end of her life, she needed “assistance in the worst manner.” It simply didn’t make logic to him that money was just lying there  and she really needed help.

Boone grew raised in Portland before moving to Astoria, where her mom resided after her parents divorced. Her $884,407 inherited money is currently sitting in a state bank account, unclaimed, after the estate’s officials were unable to find her. The money were reportedly transferred to the Department of State Lands amid disagreement about who owns them. “Given the personal representative and the attorney for this specific estate’s year and a half of work, there really isn’t much more that the state could do,” said Claudia Ciobanu, a department official. “This is a one-of-a-kind situation, and we sympathise with the family,” she continued. Boone’s two biological children, as well as others, may be eligible to claim her money.

Truly heartbreaking. May she rest in peace.

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