Desperate Woman Pleas On Facebook To Return Her Beloved Pets Stolen.

In May of last year, Breezy Bozik of Bloomfield, New Jersey, put her two dogs into her Range Rover in her driveway, along with her purse and keys. Then she walked back into her house to get her boyfriend so they could all go to her mom’s house for a late-afternoon dinner.

But while Breezy was fetching her boyfriend, someone was stealing her car. When the couple walked out of the house, their car was gone, along with their two precious dogs, Nova, a 1-year-old female white Lab, and Dude, an 8-year-old male bulldog. Breezy immediately called police and posted about the theft on Facebook, with photos of her beloved animals.

A short time later, the dogs were found by a good Samaritan who had read Breezy’s Facebook post, and he reunited them with their happy owners. Her vehicle was found soon after that. No arrests had been made. 

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