Despite Being Late For Church Her Daughter Wanted To Change The Dress.

Story by Leslie Means

We were running late for church this morning. (Story of my life.)

5 minutes before we left (which was about 5 minutes before church began) my girl saw my outfit and said…

“Mom! I have an outfit just like that. Hold on – let me change so I can look like you.”

Now usually, I would NOT let this girl change her clothes. She’s always been particular about what she wears. And she always takes longer than her sister to find something just right. Usually, it’s an accomplishment just to get something on her body and feet and out the door.

But at this moment on this morning, I let her change clothes. From a summer dress to a brand new back to school outfit.

Because…. my baby girl wanted to look like me.

Me. The mom who is never really sure if she’s doing it right. Me. The mom who (in this photo and in my usual day to day) hadn’t showered in a while. Me. The mom who took two seconds to throw on mascara and make sure my nursing bra was actually hooked. Me. The mom who despite dying my hair only a couple weeks ago, found more gray popping through, and dark circles under my eyes and… and… and…

So many things I can pick apart.

But my girl looked up and just saw her mama. A mama she loves. A mama she wanted to match.

We were late for church. I think God was OK with it. On this morning, at this moment, I was reminded that despite my mistakes and failures and flaws, I am a good mother.

Scratch that. I am an awesome mother. For my baby girl wants to look and act just like me.

I’d be willing to bet – your kids feel the same way about you.

xo – leslie

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