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Details surrounding Lisa Marie Presley’s death come to light – family made major decision at the end.

Lisa Marie Presley has the rare privilege of being born to one of the world’s most renowned men. Since her birth, every detail of her life has been meticulously chronicled.

She had a difficult childhood, with her parents divorcing when she was very young and losing her father on August 16, 1977, when she was just 9 years old.

She felt a lot of responsibility to protect her father’s legacy as the sole successor to the Presley name. She and her mother spent their entire lives maintaining her father’s name and inheritance to ensure that his legacy continues on forever.

She too followed in her dad’s footsteps and pursued a musical career. She even sang a “duet” with her dad, made possible by current technology and archival recordings of his. The songs reached millions of people and touched the hearts of Elvis lovers all around the world.

Lisa Marie Presley made news again in 2022 as a result of the Elvis Presley movie starring Austin Butler. The film set records and had tight engagement from the Presley family.

Lisa Marie Presley died just a few days after seeing Austin Butler win a Golden Globe for his performance in the film. On the red carpet, she raved about the young actor, claiming he did an outstanding job playing her dad and that the film had a profound impact on her.

Austin reciprocated her adoration, thanking her in his acceptance speech.

Lisa Marie Presley was discovered unconscious in her bedroom by her housekeeping on the evening of January 12. She was quickly brought to the hospital, as verified by her mom, Priscilla Presley, who asked all to pray for her daughter’s healing.

Sadly, Lisa Marie Presley died just hours afterwards.

According to newly revealed information, when Lisa Marie arrived at the hospital, she was ruled brain dead and placed in a medically induced coma. The family was then faced with a challenging dilemma.

They opted to sign a do not resuscitate order, which means Lisa Marie would not be revived if she experienced another heart arrest. As a result, she died after her second heart arrest.

The family has now requested privacy at this trying time.

It has already been revealed that she will be buried in Graceland beside her dad and other family members. Lisa Marie will be buried close to her son Benjamin, who died by suicide at the age of 27 in 2020, according to a spokeswoman for her eldest daughter Riley Keough.

Lisa Marie’s agent also announced that Graceland will now be passed down to her kids, Riley, her oldest daughter, and Harper and Finley Lockwood, her adolescent twins.

On Sunday, January 22, 2022, a memorial ceremony will be conducted at Graceland at 9 a.m. Rather than flowers, the family has asked that donations be sent to The Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation.

The loss of Lisa Marie Presley is very devastating. My heart goes out to the Presley family, who have been through so much.

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