Dialling The Wrong Number Leads To An Unbelievable Friendship.

Irene meant to dial an 8 instead of a 7 at the end of a phone number, and a woman named Rosa answered. Irene knew what she had done but, even though it was a wrong number, the two really hit it off and continued to talk for about an hour and a half.

They talked about their lives and shared stories about their children. And they became phone friends. They would talk to each other practically every day for several months. Then Rosa’s daughter picked up her mother one day and the two headed to meet Irene, who lived in Granite City, Illinois a few states away.

And when they met, at the assisted living facility where Irene lived, they had a grand old time, talking more about their lives and their children. And for Irene, making a new friend is a wonderful thing, especially since Irene is enjoying life… at 102 years old. 

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