Disabled Man Asked His Girlfriend To Leave Him But She Had Something Else In Mind.

Ahh love! Love is a very special thing between two people for better or worse in sickness and in health are very important. Here are 10 stories where the couples work together to beat the odds.

1. How far does your love go for the one you love?

Will and Amy, of Cheltenham, England, were very much in love, but just over a year into their relationship, in March of 2013, Will suffered an extremely debilitating brain hemorrhage that left him unable to do many tasks for himself, and he told Amy that she needed to find someone else to love because of his bad condition.

But Amy said No Way! She soon moved in with him and took care of him. Amazingly, Will recovered 5 months later and learned to walk again.

They got married in 2015.

2. 20-year-old Larry Ragsdale had been quite an amazing athlete at his high school in Southern, Oregon… so much so that he was even featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. He was working his way up through community college and had his sights set on joining the elite University of Oklahoma track team. His biggest cheerleader was his girlfriend, Kelcie.

He was so in love with her that he bought her a nice ring and was preparing for a Disney vacation where he would propose to her when he was in a serious car accident on March 10th, of 2010. It left him in a coma for months. Doctors were doubtful. But Kelcie stayed by his side until he finally woke up. And then, he was partially paralyzed.

After three years of surgeries and demanding physical therapies, Larry, still in a wheelchair, proposed to a very surprised Kelcie… with the same ring he had bought her years ago. She said yes.

3. After only 3 days of meeting and getting to know each other online, Pretty Xiao Dan decided to give up her studies and marry the disabled Kong Chuang.

The two met on the site WeChat, and Xiao was so impressed with the 23-year-old’s zest for life, that she quit college to look after him. She loves him and loves his extremely optimistic look on life, despite his disability.

Says Chuang: “I’m very lucky that Xiao chose me, and I don’t deserve her, but I intend to do what I can to make her happy.”

4. For the past 14 years Gayle Shann’s husband Mac has been everything a woman could ever ask for. You see, Gayle lost one of her arms and mangled the other in a horrible digger accident on her farm.

But husband Mac was there to see her through it and become her caretaker. He helps to feed her, puts her make-up on her and dresses her so she can lead as normal a life as possible.

Says Gayle: ‘I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have a husband like Mac because not many men would do what he does.”

Their story was Australian Story Television Series’ most popular episode.

5. In Thailand, 29-year-old Sarinya’s biggest wish was to marry boyfriend, Chadil. But the day before the big event, Sarinya was in a car crash and severely injured. It is believed she could have been saved if doctors dealing with an overcrowded ICU had transferred her to another hospital sooner to receive treatment. She had to wait in the emergency room for six hours before finally dying from her injuries.

But Chadil went through the ceremony the next day with Sarinya’s corpse, in full wedding attire, next to him. He expressed his deepest love and devotion to her and placed a ring on her finger, kissed her forehead and made a wish that her soul would rest in peace. The wedding, he said, was her final wish.

6. Everything was perfect! A ton of money had been paid for the big wedding between James and Steph, and James had even taken dancing lessons so he wouldn’t embarrass his new bride during their wedding dance. Yes, it was all perfect. Then, suddenly, it wasn’t.

During a pre-wedding cruise, James slipped on the ship and snapped his leg at a very extreme – and painful – angle. He was put onto a speedboat taxi that rushed him to a hospital. The wedding was off. Oh No you don’t, said Steph, and she asked doctors if they could go ahead with their wedding inside the hospital’s tiny chapel.

Workers moved some pews so James’ hospital bed could be rolled in…. and the wedding took place. It’s probably not too often where a couple is awakened the day after their wedding for a blood draw, but they were.

7. Justice met Jeremy when she was only 10 years old and in Sunday School. 10 years later, they were married. But almost three weeks after the wedding, Justice’s car was struck by another and caused her head to hit the steering wheel. She was left with a traumatic brain injury that deleted much of her memories, including her wedding.

So Jeremy created a GoFundMe page to ask people to help him give her another wedding she could remember. His goal was $5,000. More than twice that amount was donated. The two were married once again last August.

8. Soldier Taylor Morris, a U.S. military bomb disposal expert, lost both of his arms and legs in a blast in Afghanistan and nearly died.

But his family and friends supported him completely. And his girlfriend, Danielle, was by his side every second.

The 23-year-old Taylor was awarded a Bronze Star with Valor at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Taylor paid immense tribute to his girlfriend by saying: ‘If I had hands, I’d take this Bronze Star and pin it on Danielle. It’s been so hard and she’s been here the whole time.”

Taylor was soon fitted with prosthetic limbs and he and Danielle are now happily married.

9. The first 10 months of Ian and Larissa’s relationship were a blast, and they were talking about getting engaged. But their world soon turned upside down when Ian was in a serious car accident on his way to work near Pittsburgh. The crash left Ian unable to communicate.

Larissa moved into Ian’s family’s home to help take care of him. As Ian became slightly healthier, his father was diagnosed with brain cancer. And Ian’s father wanted nothing more than the two of them to be married.

Larissa took her story to a judge to ask if the two could get married, because Ian was not able to make that decision. The judge granted her request and they were married.

Unfortunately, Ian’s father died before it happened.

10. In China, a mysterious disease crippled beautiful 20-year-old Zhou just five months after marrying 28-year-old Du. She lost almost all functions of movement and could not take care of herself.

The very humble Du took a long leave of absence from his job at the coal mine and the couple went to several doctors, but nothing could be done, except for telling the couple that she could no longer reproduce and that she would be bedridden for the rest of her life.

Many of Du’s friends told him to get an annulment on the marriage and to start a new life with someone else. But Du said no, and told his wife that he would take care of her forever. Well that’s really nice. But, it’s even nicer to know that he told Zhou that 57 years ago, and Du, now 85, still cleans, feeds and massages his beautiful 77-year-old wife.

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