Doctor Dressed As Chewbacca When Delivering The Good News For The Little Boy.

15-year-old Austin Eggleston is a die-hard Star Wars fan who lives in Pontiac, Illinois. He also has a bad heart. So his doctor, Phillip Thrush, made him a promise…. that when a heart became available for the teen, he would deliver the news to him personally in a Star Wars character costume. Well Austin was thrilled by that. But 5 months went by with no word from the doctor.

Then, Austin and his family were summoned to the doctor’s office. After a few minutes of waiting patiently inside his office, the door opened… and in popped Chewbacca… from Star Wars! And in fluent Wookie, he told Austin that he now has a heart.

Austin was in shock. “We have a heart,” he asked…. “Do we seriously have a heart?” And Chewbacca, alias Dr. Thrush, assured him that he did indeed.

Chewbacca Tells Austin He is Getting a New Heart

That moment when Chewbacca aka Dr. Thrush comes to tell you that you are getting a new heart. Months ago when Austin was listed for a heart transplant, Dr. Thrush said he would deliver the news a heart was available dressed as Chewbacca. On Saturday, March 17, Chewbacca stopped by Austin’s room. #donatelife #organdonor #all4your1 Are you an organ donor? Register to become one here

Posted by Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago on Monday, 19 March 2018

Says Austin’s mom, Mary: “To see him knowing that he has a chance at life, that he has a chance to achieve so many things leaves you speechless.”

She also expressed much gratitude to the donor’s family, adding that Austin will be able to do remarkable things because of it. 

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