Doctor Informs The Autistic Boy’s Cancer Reports.

Jacob Moore, who is autistic and has Down Syndrome, shares a special moment with Dr. Lew after he is notified of being cancer free.

“I think at first, I don’t think he trusted me or liked me very much. But I think over time, he trusted me and got used to me. He tolerated me.” Dr. Lew said.

“He’s overcome battle after battle after battle. I think I said, ‘Congratulations, you don’t need to see me anymore,’” Lew added.

“Dr. Lew went over to him and grabbed his hand and just said, ‘Jacob, it’s going to be ok,’” Moore’s mother, Heidi said.

“We’re just going to see each other socially now. Just not at the doctor’s office.” Dr. Lew said.

That was the moment the beautiful photo was taken.

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