Doctor Learns To Speak Welsh So That He Interacts With The Children.

Dr. Phillip Moore, originally from the Caribbean, moved to Bangor to be an ear, nose and throat doctor. And he worked with a lot of children. But there was a problem. There was something of a language barrier between him and his patients. He enjoyed treating his patients so much, that he decided he wanted them to be able to understand him, so he learned the Welsh language.

In 2016, he completed his advanced Welsh language exam. And this is what he had to say about that: “Dwi’n rhyddhad iawn achos dwi wedi pasio arholiad lefel uwch yn mis Gorffenaf a dwi wedi derbyn fy nghanlyniadau yn mis Awst.

“Dwi’n rhyddhad iawn, iawn, iawn, achos mae’r arholiad yn anodd iawn, iawn, iawn, a dwi wedi blino.

“Ond mae pob dim wedi gorffen, felly dwi’n hapus iawn.”

And, if you didn’t quite get that, he said: “Well, I’m relieved because I passed the higher level exam in July and I received my results in August.

“And I’m extremely relieved because the exam was very, very, very difficult, and I feel exhausted.

“But everything is done, so I’m really happy.”

And I’m sure his patients are as well. 

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